Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

Advanced. Precise. Reliable.

Safety is paramount, situational awareness is essential, and the stakes are high. Military and commercial navigation equipment must be technologically advanced, precise, and highly reliable.

Drawing on decades of experience, WR provides integrated and engineered systems solutions to defense and commercial vessels. From designing, building, and installing sophisticated bridge systems for new builds and retrofits, to continuing support through a ship's life cycle, WR is the one source solution. What’s more, if a vessel or component needs repair, WR’s global support network stands ready to minimize a ship's downtime with the best service available on land or at sea.

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Domain Awareness and Surveillance

Supporting homeland defense with exceptional capabilities

WR has internationally recognized radar research and development (R&D) capabilities that enhance Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) in support of counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism operations for the US Navy, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and others. Our radar experts specialize in digital radar signal processing, radio propagation, radar management systems, antenna design, and systems site selection and integration. 


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Unmanned Systems

Enabling the most advanced unmanned systems for the warfighter

With over a decade of experience in unmanned systems, WR delivers solutions that expand our customers’ abilities to meet evolving mission requirements. From design and development to testing and support, WR’s engineers are on the forefront of unmanned systems innovation that expands the boundaries of intelligence and performance.


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Electronics Repair and Testing

You know your equipment. We know how to make it last.

ALERT, a division of WR, provides expert repair capability that substantially extends the lifecycle of essential systems and components, saving money and time for our customers. ALERT specializes in micro-miniature repair, and core technology service for radios, transmitters, radar data distribution, navigation suite components and subassemblies, and sensors and controls.

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Mini Stock Point and Product Support

Force readiness and sustainment solutions for the fleet

WR’s Mini Stock Point (MSP) serves as the Government customer’s commercial stock point and repair depot. We stock 178 pre-established National Stock Numbers (NSNs), ensuring inventory of radio and navigation equipment is on-hand and available to ship directly to the fleet when required, preventing critical equipment shortage as well as downtime. We receive, screen, inventory, control, store, and deliver radio and navigation equipment.

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Program Management and Support

Full spectrum programmatic and administrative

WR provides all levels of project support to ensure execution of requirements – from budgeting and monitoring, to writing reports and developing other deliverables, to full-scale program management. Our staff includes knowledgeable Program Analysts, Program Assistants, Project Managers, and Program Managers, many with relevant military and technical backgrounds.

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Quality Management Services

Quality - the Strategic Advantage

Quality products and services are critical to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, company reputation, long-term revenue, and profitability. WR provides a full range of quality management consulting services for clients seeking a competitive edge through customer-centric solutions and engagement. Using quality management best practices, including ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI®, we apply process and systems thinking to provide a customized plan to support our clients as they develop and improve quality and business systems. We focus on measurable results that build responsiveness and momentum.

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Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Minimizing evolving threats defending your cyberspace from Day One

WR’s targeted approach to Cybersecurity overcomes shortfalls in traditional and Agile development methodologies that typically address security late in the development cycle, which risks producing capabilities without the proper safeguards. Our holistic model designs for Cybersecurity from the beginning, proactively reducing operational risk and preventing costly re-work and schedule slips.

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