ALERT Repair Capability

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As the industry expert for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) repairs, modifications, and testing, WR’s ALERT division substantially extends the life of essential systems and components, saving money and time for our customers. We specialize in micro-miniature (2M) repair and core technology service for radios; transmitters; radar data distribution and navigation suite components and subassemblies; and sensors and controls. Read on for highlights of two projects.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: WR’s ALERT Provides Repairs and Spares for Offshore Drilling Platforms Thruster Controller Cards

WR’s Role: ALERT experts performed critical repairs on obsolete bow thruster controller cards for semi-submersible oil platforms that would otherwise have been unable to get underway. We also developed Form, Fit, and Function (F3) replacement cards (spares).

The Results: Although the end-of-life controller cards comprised decades-old technology, the ALERT team was able to design the spares to integrate the old interface with the most up to date electronics, thereby guaranteeing the card would work with the other obsolete parts, but outperform expectations.

The Significance: ALERT’s solution saved the customer the 250K cost of upgrading the obsolete thruster controller cards.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT:  WR’s ALERT Provides Substrate Repairs

WR’s Role: When Circuit Card assemblies (CCAs) are damaged, ALERT provides excavation and substrate repairs several layers deep, as well as component replacement. Even when components are obsolete, ALERT can rebuild, repair, or replace the individual components.

Results: Recently, we repaired CCAs for a commercial vessel after a lightning strike to the mast damaged the tank level indicator systems.

Significance: Because of ALERT’s distinct capabilities to perform substrate repairs, our solutions are significantly less expensive and extend the life of CCAs