Tailored products to meet customer objectives

WR’s Engineers and Designers use both 2D and 3D drafting, design, and modeling tools to successfully translate customer objectives into producible products. Our on-site laboratory facility supports build and integration of sophisticated systems solutions.


Products include:                                                        

AN/WSN-9 Digital Hybrid Speed Log (DHSYL)

- Incorporates electromagnetic and Doppler sensor technology.

- Features analog and digital outputs with input/output expansion capabilities and, five operational modes.

- Used on both surface ships and submarines.


Enhanced Control Display Unit (ECDU)

- Installed on all SSN 688s, SSN 21, SSN 774 and SSGNs as part of the AN/WSN-7A suite of equipment.

- SSBN installs include a version of the ECDU (Navigation Processor Unit) to bring commonality between SSNs and SSBNs.

- Used as navigation distribution system for attack submarines.

- Provides data viewing, logging, and analysis.


Over-the-Horizon Tactical Tracking Solution (OTHTTS)

- Scalable integrated navigation tool for small craft and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).

- Solves navigation and communication problems common in a high-noise, open-cockpit environment.

- Real-time data transmitted and received via SATCOM to support a variety of tactical missions both day and night.

- Use resulted in 30% increase in drug interdictions for Caribbean Partner Nations.


Aircraft Inertial Alignment System (AIAS) and associated Handheld Digital Data Test Set (HHDDTS)

- Provides a physical location update to the aircraft on the carrier flight deck minutes before launch.

- HHDDTS used on any vessel that launches aircraft.

- HHDDTS verifies and displays the shipboard AIAS Radio Frequency link and direct wired connection.

- Approximately 44 HHDDTS units in service all over the fleet and support facilities.