Engineering the Future – Meet Amanda

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Employee Story

Engineering the Future

Meet Amanda, an engineering expert who works as a Senior Model-Based Systems Engineer (MBSE) for WR.

Before discovering her true desire for a career in engineering, Amanda was working in an alternate field of practice when an engineering manager at a previous company asked if she had any interest in the field.

“I had not really considered it much, but both of my degrees are in Mathematics and I love understanding how things work and solving puzzles so I thought he might be right. I made a career change, jumped into engineering, and I have never looked back! What I find most interesting about engineering is that so often, there are a multitude of different ways to accomplish the same thing, but we are trying to find the solution that meets a set of requirements, performance metrics, constraints, etc. MBSE allows for variant modeling and analyzing these system perspectives in a way not easily done with paper-based engineering methods.”

Amanda came to WR about a year and a half ago after spending 11 years at General Dynamics Mission Systems implementing model-based systems engineering on Navy programs. When she first joined WR, Amanda was the only MBSE engineer as WR was just starting modeling efforts. Since then, she has worked with several program teams and, with the support of leadership, has helped grow interest in MBSE both internally and with our customers. WR now has two MBSE engineers on board and is adding a third.
When asked what she thinks makes WR unique from other companies she has worked for she said,

“The biggest thing that sets WR apart for me is the genuinely warm and caring culture. You hear a lot of companies tout their family-like culture but this is the first place I’ve actually felt it and it makes such a huge difference.”