All in Good Time – John C.

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Employee Story

John C.

John is a Program Analyst Lead at WR.

Twenty years ago, John walked into WR as an entry-level Warehouse Specialist thinking it would be short-term. Today, he steps up as a recent Engineering graduate with a bright future in WR projects and programs. What was only meant to be a temporary situation turned out to be just the first step in an accomplished career.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but WR rewarded my hard work,” John says. “And this is a good place, so I stayed and gave it my all.”

Over the years, John’s hard work captured the attention of his managers. He worked his way up to a senior Logistics Analyst level. His achievements during this time were noteworthy, but John had also always thought about becoming a civil engineer and managing a project.

And so, 13 years into his career, John began studying engineering at Old Dominion University. WR supported John’s ambition with tuition reimbursement and mentorship, and worked with him to identify a new role that better aligned with his new professional objectives.

While working full-time to help support his family of three, John succeeded in earning his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 2019. Talk about diligence! He now works as a Program Analyst eager to tackle his next challenges: graduate school for a master’s degree in engineering management, and increased programmatic responsibilities.

With decades of WR experience supporting nearly every project on the NIWC contract, John serves as an incredible resource to the team. He’s empowered by the growth he sees within the company, and the WR team is excited to continue watching him grow right alongside the organization.

Outside of the office, John enjoys spending time with his wife and 13-year old daughter. He also indulges his passion for a variety of good music. Many at WR can attest to John’s great taste in music—he’s DJ’d a few WR Christmas parties in the past. Lately, John has also discovered a new passion for exercise, especially hiking and mountain biking.

“I wish I’d started earlier in life,” John says about his workouts.

But really, it seems that John is right on schedule, able to reach whatever goals he sets with time to spare!