Anything but Boring – Tracy F.

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Employee Story

Tracy F.

Tracy is a Technical Writer at WR.

A typical workday for WR technical writer Tracy includes learning about unfamiliar technical topics, interviewing SMEs, writing text, editing copy, and dodging rattlesnakes.

That’s right, avoiding rattlesnakes is a part of Tracy’s job – and she has the rattlesnake chaps to prove it.

Tracy splits her time between WR’s Government Business Solutions (GBS) division and the Naval Information Warfare Center program. It’s her GBS work that takes her “on location,” where seeing the radar systems and equipment firsthand provides her better insight into writing operation and maintenance manuals. Tracy provided documentation for vendor testing of Relocatable Over-The-Horizon Radar equipment in very remote sites –sometimes so remote they have to be navigated via 4WD vehicles.

Not all of Tracy’s assignments are quite so exciting; she does also have some typical technical writing tasks that require her to sit behind a desk, as she works on systems and equipment manuals, Ship’s Navigation and Aircraft Inertial Alignment System (SNAIAS) manuals, and develops in-house documentation.

And what does Tracy think about the remarkably different work atmospheres she’s experienced at WR—

“I’ll go wherever they send me—keeps my job anything but boring.”

Tracy has worked at WR since 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education. When not at work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her two children, doing anything nature-relate (hiking, kayaking, watching sunsets), and running.